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At BestDeal Warehouse, we’re working hard to serve shoppers a little better every day. Looking after the personal data you share with us is a hugely important part of this. We want you to be confident that your data is safe and secure with us, and that you understand how we use it to offer you a better and more personalised shopping experience. Whave provided the following policy for our users to read through. Please read everything carefully, make sure you are happy otherwise unsubscribe or leave the website immediately.


This Privacy Policy will cover the relevant GDPR laws and anything we oblige by internally. It will state what data we collect, how it is used and how everything done is all legal.

The Privacy Policy applies to all the BestDeal Warehouse content. This includes this website, emails and social media interaction.

Information collected

For each of our methods of sourcing data, different steps are taken. Here is a list of what information is taken from each of our sign up / opt-in methods;

Creating an account

  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Password
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Full Address
  • Preferred Language
  • Search history on our website

Newsletter Sign Up

  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Email Address

Please note if you accept cookies when browsing, some data such as your activity on this website could be collected to tailor a unique browsing experience for you.

Data from accounts are collected direct from our website host EvolutionX, this information is stored on behalf of EvolutionX and used by BestDeal Warehouse. We are responsible for any optimisations made to your account and details. If you choose to save a payment method, then this following data will be looked after on our behalf. Data from Newsletter sign up is stored on MailChimp, data stored can be manipulated and accessed by BestDeal Warehouse.

How we use your data

No matter what source any data comes from, we can use it however we want as long as it follows the GDPR guidelines. Here are the uses we have from users data;

  • Personalisation: Data collected from cookies or information on accounts maybe used to generate recommendations and personalise that users experience.
  • Communications: We may use your personal data to deliver relevant email campaigns or other forms of communication through social media and our live chat function.
  • Research: Some users data could be used for our own internal use, this could include reporting on our website activity and email interactions.
  • Services: Users data could be used to provide exclusive discounts, either based on their website activity or personal information.
  • Legal obligations: When storing personal information on CMS, we will only use a CMS we trust and is well established. This means certain policies could vary depending on what type of account you have or emails you are subscribed to, this is done to ensure we prevent fraud.

Legal basis on processing personal data

  • Consent: When carrying out our email communications, we ensure that we only contact those who have fairly consented. You must ensure you carefully read terms before accepting cookies, also before sharing your information to create an account. By providing information you agree to our terms, so therefore we have your consent to use data as we have stated in our terms and this policy.
  • Contract: We need will need a customers full name and address to process orders properly. Because of this, we are contracted to keeping this information, as well the details of those who create accounts on our website. This data will only be used as necessary and will not breach any contract terms.
  • Legitimate interests: BestDeal Warehouse ensure that the correct checks are made to protect individuals’ interests. This means we will be more cautious with children’s data, created an option to opt-out fairly, never share sensitive information without reason etc.
  • Public task:

Sharing personal data

It is important to know that your personal data maybe shared with third parties in some scenarios. This will include payment details to your card company, email address, names and other personal details will be shared with MailChimp and our website host EvolutionX. BestDeal Warehouse will not disclose personal information to any unknown third parties.

Storage and processing personal data

Our collection of personal data will be stored using MailChimp, EvolutionX and multiple software’s internally. This information will be only accessed by staff members of BestDeal Warehouse, it can also be accessed by third parties upon our request.

Secure personal data

  • Accidental loss: In the unlikely event of a BestDeal Warehouse staff member losing data on their behalf, we will be fully liable for this mistake.
  • Unauthorised access: To prevent loss of data, we will create internal documents with copies of any data stored with third parties. This will ensure we have important information ready to reupload and gain access to if an unlikely breach of our data occurs.
  • Restriction to personal information: BestDeal Warehouse can fulfil requests from both individuals and businesses if they wish to have their data suppressed or restricted. We have the appropriate staff and resources to do this, you will be informed if requests can be completed or if we cannot what the best alternative would be.
  • Training for staff on data security: BestDeal Warehouse are responsible for ensuring all staff members are trained up on data security and are fully aware of our policies in place.

How long personal data is kept

BestDeal Warehouse will keep personal data within our records for at least a year. Please note that when you request to opt-out or unsubscribe, some of your personal data will be kept internally, this is used for creating reports. Once you opt-out or subscribe, no personal information will be shared with third parties from the date and time you unsubscribe.

Personal data rights

It is important for us just as much as it is to you to know what your rights are in regard to personal data, we have outlined the rights;

  • Access to personal information: We provide you with 24/7 access to your account. If you forget your password, BestDeal Warehouse will be responsible for providing you with an email or other form of message to provide you with instructions to reset your password. We can let you change your information such as shipping address and contact details yourself on our website, more sensitive data such as names can be changed upon our request only.
  • Correction and deletion: Individuals have the right to see what data is being held by BestDeal Warehouse. You must contact us to find out, you can either get in touch by email or phone.
  • Withdrawal of consent: BestDeal Warehouse must provide proof of content upon request. If you are not happy with any of the presented terms, we will give you the option to opt-out, although some data provided could be kept for internal purposes.
  • Data portability: Although we provide you with the right to access the data that we keep a record of, some data could be limited to handover to the individual. This might be because it will result in presenting another person’s information. For example you might want to see where you rank in terms of how many purchases you’ve made compared to others, those individuals data is protected by us so therefore not possible.
  • Restriction of processing and objection: You can object if you do not BestDeal Warehouse to process certain personal data. Although we can accept most requests, certain circumstances could mean we cannot restrict some information. Please contact us to fin out more.
  • Lodging a complaint with the Information Commissioners: Any form of complaint made can be made about BestDeal Warehouse, providing you contact us to inform us that you are doing so. If you decide to contact any commissioners by email, please copy us in.

Automated decision-making and profiling

Please note that BestDeal Warehouse can use customers information to help in any form of automated decision making. This decision making could include offering a certain reward to a customer based on purchase history, offering discounts or exclusive offers based on a user’s personal information. We will use this process to ensure that we deliver a responsive and also affective profiling system.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions in regards to this privacy policy, then feel free to get in touch. Please see our contact details here;

Email: hello@bestdeal-warehouse.co.uk

Phone: 01243 551968


Arundel, West Sussex